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American figure skater who took gold at the 2016 US Figure Skating Championships. In 2018, he won a bronze medal as part of the team event and became the first openly gay U.S. male athlete to win a medal at the Winter Olympics. He won season 26 of Dancing with the Stars in 2018 and became a judge on Dancing with the Stars: Juniors.

He started skating when he was 10 years old and started competing at the junior level in 2002.

His signature triple lutz has earned the nicknamed “Rippon Lutz.” He was born with significant hearing loss, but surgery early in his life helped restore it.

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The figure skater impresses with a net worth of 5000000 dollars. Congratulations for this achievement!

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Net Worth$5 Million
Date of BirthNovember 11, 1989 (age 33 years)
Height5 Feet 6 Inches (1.7 m)
ProfessionFigure Skater


Rippon began skating when he was ten years, and in 2000 he began to be coached by Yelena Sergeeva, which lasted for seven years until 2007. He won his first silver medal in 2004-05, which was the 2005 US Championships. He also participated at Triglav Trophy in 2005 in the junior division, where he won a gold medal. He participated in several other junior championships, and in 2007 he left Sergeeva and joined Nikolai Morozov in February the same year.

Personal Life

He grew up with five younger siblings and came out as gay in 2015. He is married to Jussi-Pekka Kajaala.

He beat out Max Aaron to win the 2016 US Figure Skating Championships.

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I think it's so important for somebody like me to stand up for the things I believe in and speak up on things I don't think are right.

Adam RipponAdam Rippon Net Worth

It's totally crazy! I can't believe all the young kids doing it in competition now. It's pretty unbelievable to have an element variation named after me.

Adam RipponAdam Rippon Net Worth

Those are the moments athletes live for - we live for those exhilarating, breathless, take-your-breath-away, you're-on-the-seat-of-your-chair moments.

Adam RipponAdam Rippon Net Worth

All the sacrifices my mom and family had made had been worth it.

Adam RipponAdam Rippon Net Worth

When you're not hiding anything, it's just very easy to be yourself - shockingly.

Adam RipponAdam Rippon Net Worth