Amanda Seyfried Net Worth

Amanda Seyfried Net Worth: Amanda Seyfried is an American actress, singer, and former model who has a net worth of $12 million. Seyfried began her career as a child model, then focused on acting, landing a recurring role on the soap opera “As the World Turns” in 1999.

Amanda Seyfried Early Life

Early Life: Amanda Seyfried was born Amanda Michelle Seyfried on December 3, 1985, in Allentown, Pennsylvania. She grew up with mother Ann (an occupational therapist), father Jack (a pharmacist), and older sister Jennifer, and began modeling when she was 11 years old. Amanda graced the covers of Francine Pascal’s book series “The Victoria Martin Trilogy” and appeared in campaigns for The Limited Too with Leighton Meester, who would go on to star in “Gossip Girl.” As a teenager, she studied opera and attended William Allen High School, graduating in 2003; she had planned on attending Fordham University in New York City, but decided not to go after she was cast in “Mean Girls.”

Net Worth Stats and More

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Amanda Seyfried Info
Net Worth$12 Million
Date of BirthDecember 3, 1985 (age 37 years)
Height5 ft 3 in (1.61 m)
ProfessionActor, Model, Singer
NationalityUnited States of America

Favorite Quotes from Amanda Seyfried

Why does Amanda Seyfried have a net worth of $12 Million? Maybe these quotes can shine some light on the situation:

I don't dye my hair and I can go without makeup.

Amanda SeyfriedAmanda Seyfried

Singing is a way of releasing an emotion that you sometimes can't portray when you're acting. And music moves your soul, so music is the source of the most intense emotions you can feel. When you hear a song and you're acting it's incredible. But when you're singing a song and you're acting it's even more incredible.

Amanda SeyfriedAmanda Seyfried

I love my apartment in New York.

Amanda SeyfriedAmanda Seyfried

I never saw myself going to college. Even when I was looking at different schools, I was like, this really isn't right.

Amanda SeyfriedAmanda Seyfried

Marriage, at this point in my life? I'm not interested in it. Yet. Maybe later when I'm 35 or 40.

Amanda SeyfriedAmanda Seyfried

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