Big Sean: Net Worth and Amassed Wealth

Detroit-based rapper who was discovered by Kanye West and released the album Hall of Fame in 2013.

He gained a large internet following after releasing his Finally Famous mixtapes in 2011.

His song, Marvin & Chardonnay, reached Number One on the U.S. Billboard Hot Hip Hop Songs list.

How Rich is Big Sean
The rapper impresses with a net worth of 20000000 dollars. Congratulations for this achievement!

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Big Sean Info
Net Worth$20 Million
Date of BirthMarch 25, 1988 (age 35 years)
Height5 Feet 8 Inches (1.73 m)


In November 2007, Big Sean released the mixtape ‘Finally Famous Vol. 1: The Mixtape’. In April 2009, he released another mixtape called ‘Finally Famous Vol. 2: UKNOWBIGSEAN’. This was followed by ‘Finally Famous Vol. 3: BIG’ in October 2010. His fourth mixtape, ‘Detroit’ became available from September 2012.

Personal Life

He was raised by his grandmother and mother in Detroit, Michigan, and has one younger brother. He was engaged to Glee actress Naya Rivera until they called off the marriage in April 2014. He then dated pop star Ariana Grande but the couple separated in 2015. In 2016, he began dating Jhene Aiko.

He was signed to Def Jam Records by Kanye West in 2008 after meeting him at a 102.7 radio rap battle in 2005.

Favorite Quotes from Big Sean

Why does Big Sean have a net worth of $20 Million? Perhaps these quotes can explain why:

I was a telemarketer in my senior year at high school. I had to sell prosthetic limbs to paralysed veterans. I was making 150 bucks a week and it was horrible.

Big SeanHow Rich is Big Sean

The thing was, at a young age, my mom and my grandma always tried to keep me out of the streets as much as they could, so they put me in a private school when I was super young.

Big SeanHow Rich is Big Sean

I just knew what I wanted to be since the third grade. And I always did well in school. I was the type to get good grades; I never really got below Cs or nothing like that. I always kept it A-B. But there's no school for rap.

Big SeanHow Rich is Big Sean

I'm a Detroit player, they set styles.

Big SeanHow Rich is Big Sean

I hate all the old pictures of me before 2010 - and they are always the first ones to come up. That's why I don't Google myself, man.

Big SeanHow Rich is Big Sean