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George Newbern net worth: George Newbern is an American actor and voice actor who has a net worth of $4 million. George Newbern was born in Little Rock, Arkansas in December 1964. He has more than 120 acting credits to his name and starred as Everett Rutledge on the television series Working Girl in 1990.

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George Newbern Info
Net Worth$4 Million
Date of BirthDecember 30, 1964 (age 58 years)
ProfessionActor, Voice Actor

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Raising children is like a hit and run. You've been hit, you can't flag the person down, you're wounded and you don't know who to blame, and no one helps you. And it's weeks, maybe months, before you find out what really happened.

George NewbernGeorge Newbern Net Worth

With Superman, super powers are just ancillary. It's that character, with all those principles and understanding... that's who he is right there. I think I tried to portray a sense of trust and power and charisma for Superman. That's what we believe Superman is.

George NewbernGeorge Newbern Net Worth

When I first came to L.A., I was plotting out my career choices as if I actually had a choice. Unless you're Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, impossibly good-looking, or look like a freak, you have to be malleable and open to everything that comes your way because that's what makes it possible to pay your mortgage and eat.

George NewbernGeorge Newbern Net Worth

As an actor, you always feel like you're not going to work again. You're always unsure about how things are going to work out, and you start thinking you're going to just fade off into the distance.

George NewbernGeorge Newbern Net Worth

Doing narration is a totally different art form. I do some video games, and some that I've done are iconic.

George NewbernGeorge Newbern Net Worth