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Grace Hightower Net Worth

Grace Hightower net worth: Grace Hightower is an American socialite, actress, philanthropist, and singer who has a net worth of $20 million. Grace is probably most-famous for being the ex-wife of actor Robert De Niro. They were married from 1997 to 2018. They have two children together.

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Grace Hightower Info
Net Worth$20 Million
Date of BirthApril 7, 1955 (age 68 years)
Height5 ft 8 in (1.72 m)
ProfessionActor, Flight attendant, Singer
NationalityUnited States of America

Favorite Quotes from Grace Hightower

Why does Grace Hightower have a net worth of $20 Million? Maybe these quotes can shine some light on the situation:

I don't encourage kids to eat sugar, but I do it.

Grace HightowerGrace Hightower

My vision is to hire qualified employees that may have not yet had the opportunity to create a better life for themselves, or did have one but might have came down on hard times and need a hand.

Grace HightowerGrace Hightower

I'll give you my routine, my morning ritual: I get up, I do a bit of stretching, and then after showering and everything, I have a half cup of warm lemon water. I've been doing that forever. I love it. It just brightens everything for me.

Grace HightowerGrace Hightower

If I go anywhere, and I don't have my coffee, I don't drink coffee. When I travel, I carry it with me - and I ask hotels to grind it and brew it for me if I can't have it in my room myself. I'm dedicated that way.

Grace HightowerGrace Hightower

I'm not the type of person that could take someone else's funds and take a chance with them.

Grace HightowerGrace Hightower

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