Ina Garten’s Net Worth – How Wealthy is the chef?

Ina was born February 2, 1948 in Brooklyn, New York into a family of surgeon. She married Jeffrey Garten in 1968. She earned MBA degree at George Washington University. Garten is a successful author of several books about cooking. She became even more famous as a host of Barefoot Contessa TV show on Food Network. Ina also appeared on Chefography and 30 Rock.

Ina Garten Net Worth
Ina Garten is looking supreme as ever, and her net worth isn't too bad either.

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Ina Garten Info
Net Worth$55 Million
Date of BirthFebruary 2, 1948 (age 75 years)
Height5 Feet 2 Inches (1.6 m)
ProfessionChef, Financial adviser, Television presenter, Writer


After getting married, Ina and her husband moved to North Carolina. Her husband is a war hero, and after his return from a long war in Vietnam, the couple went on a tour to France where she fell in love with French Cuisine. The trip changed her life and the way of cooking. After returning to the U.S.A., they moved to Washington, D.C.

Personal Life

There is not much to gossip about Ina’s romantic life except her perfect love story. She met her husband at a very young age of 15 when she was visiting her brother at Dartmouth College. After the meet, the couple started dating and fell in love with each other. Ina left Syracuse University in between and got married to her husband, Jeffery Garten.

Favorite Quotes from Ina Garten

Why does Ina Garten have a net worth of $55 Million? Maybe these quotes can shine some light on the situation:

I'm really a scientist. I follow recipes exactly - until I decide not to. And then I'll follow something else exactly. I may decide I could turn this peach tart into a plum tart, but if I'm following a recipe, I follow it exactly.

Ina GartenIna Garten Wealth

I try to greet my friends with a drink in my hand, a warm smile on my face, and great music in the background, because that's what gets a dinner party off to a fun start.

Ina GartenIna Garten Wealth

I absolutely adore Thanksgiving. It's the only holiday I insist on making myself.

Ina GartenIna Garten Wealth

If you think about a Thanksgiving dinner, it's really like making a large chicken.

Ina GartenIna Garten Wealth

The dirty little secret is that I grew up in a household where there were no carbohydrates allowed, ever. No cookies, no bread, no potatoes, no rice. My mother was very extreme in terms of what she served. Since I left home more than 40 years ago, I've been making it right for myself.

Ina GartenIna Garten Wealth