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Jack Wagner Net Worth – What is Jack Wagner Worth Now?

Actor who brought life to The Bold and the Beautiful’s Dominick Marone for nearly 1500 episodes.

He earned a drama scholarship to the University of Arizona.

He has also appeared on General Hospital, Melrose Place, and Santa Barbara.

Jack Wagner Wealth
Jack Wagner is looking great as ever, and has a net worth of 9800000 dollars. Remarkable!

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Net Worth$9.8 Million
Date of BirthOctober 3, 1959 (age 64 years)
Height5 Feet 11 Inches (1.82 m)
ProfessionSoap Opera Actor

Personal Life

He was married to Kristina Wagner from 1993 to 2006. He has two sons, Harrison and Peter, and a daughter, Kerry.

He competed against Jaleel White on the 14th season of Dancing with the Stars.

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My all-time low is 62 at Bel-Air, but it was in match play, and I had two putts given to me from four feet. I'm playing only about once or twice a month. Full-time job. Full-time father. Full-time blonde.

Jack WagnerJack Wagner Wealth

I kind of went into soap opera with 'General Hospital' in the '80s. It's like theater because every day it's a new script, which really doesn't have a beginning, middle or end like a play or a movie script. So you have to be on your toes and bring it every day. And you have to be spontaneous, which is really how I like to work.

Jack WagnerJack Wagner Wealth

My kids are at a point in their lives where I'm a moral compass for them. God help them both.

Jack WagnerJack Wagner Wealth

Obviously sex and nudity sells, but that's what people go to cable for but that's not going to happen on network daytime television... so I think it really is always going to come down to story. How do you make a story interesting enough so people will tune in? That's always going to be it.

Jack WagnerJack Wagner Wealth

General Hospital' was so massive in the 80s and that's when people my age or even younger watched that show. A generation grew up on that show, Luke and Laura, I came in on the cusp of that so there's still a lot of 'Frisco.'

Jack WagnerJack Wagner Wealth