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What is Martina Hingis’ Net Worth?

Martina Hingis is a retired Swiss professional tennis player known for creating various records. The player holds no-1 rank in singles for 209 weeks, and doubles world No.1 ran for 90 weeks. She holds no-1 ranking for both doubles and singles for 29 weeks. The talented tennis player won five grand slam titles, thirteen grand slam women’s doubles titles, and seven grand slam women’s doubles titles.

How Rich is Martina Hingis
The tennis player impresses with a net worth of 30000000 dollars. Congratulations for this achievement!

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Martina Hingis Info
Net Worth$30 Million
Date of BirthSeptember 30, 1980 (age 42 years)
Height5 Feet 6 Inches (1.7 m)
ProfessionTennis player


She starts creating a record at a young age. Martina became the Youngest Slam Champion of all time in 1996. The player team up with Helena Sukova at Wimbledon. Hingis was 15 years and nine months old when she teams up. Martina won the first singles title of the year in Germany. The talented player became the undisputed World No. 1 Women’s Tennis Player. Only four women do this in the history of Tennis, and Hingis is one of them.

Personal Life

The player starts dating tennis player Magnus Norman in 2000. In the same year, she also dated golfer Sergio Garcia. In August 2007, she ended her relationship with Radek Stepanek. Martina also has a relationship with former tennis players like Ivo Heuberger, Justin GimeIstob, and Julian Alonso.

Favorite Quotes from Martina Hingis

Why does Martina Hingis have a net worth of $30 Million? Maybe these quotes can shine some light on the situation:

I don't think it's a low point being in the finals of the French Open, three points away from the victory.

Martina HingisMartina Hingis Wealth

Sometimes I wouldn't give an interview because I didn't have the time or something else was more important. So they come up with a story which I don't think is always true, but they have to sell papers.

Martina HingisMartina Hingis Wealth

We had a poster of the Davis Cup in 1986. It was in Prague, the Czech Republic against Sweden, and we went to watch, so I got the poster. You couldn't get all the posters. You were lucky if you got one.

Martina HingisMartina Hingis Wealth

I'm not saying I'm something special. I might play a little better tennis than other people, but it is because I was given the chance, and not many people are.

Martina HingisMartina Hingis Wealth

He is still my father. He is still a person I know I could trust and he would never do anything against me. Once you're at the top, there are not many people like that. People always want something from you.

Martina HingisMartina Hingis Wealth