How Much is Sarah Chalke’s Net Worth as of 2023?

Sarah was born August 27, 1976 in Ottawa, Canada. She has German ancestry from her mothers side. Her by far most famous role is Dr. Elliot Reid from TV series Scrubs. But she appeared also on Mad Love, Cougar Town, and How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life). Her notable movies include I’ve Been Waiting for You, Alchemy, and Chaos Theory where she wore in one scene only black lace bra and panties proving once again how great are her measurements.

How Rich is Sarah Chalke
Sarah Chalke is looking great as ever, and has a net worth of 14000000 dollars. Remarkable!

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Sarah Chalke Info
Net Worth$14 Million
Date of BirthAugust 27, 1976 (age 47 years)
Height5 Feet 8 Inches (1.73 m)


Sarah’s career began at the age of eight when she began appearing in musical theater productions. At the age of 12, she became a reporter on the Canadian children’s show KidZone. Sarah did the role of Rebecca Conner-Healy on Roseanne after Lecy Goranson left the series in 1993; Sarah made a cameo appearance as a different character in the Roseanne episode “Halloween: The Final Chapter.”

Personal Life

Sarah Chalke is engaged to lawyer Jamie Afifi. The couple has a son Charlie Rhodes Afifi, who was born in December 2009. Her son was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease at the age of two years old. Their daughter was born in May 2016.

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In fact, if they didn't let me commute, I would not have taken the role because I wanted to graduate high school with my classmates. I remember my agent's jaw dropping when I told him if I couldn't commute I didn't want the role.

Sarah ChalkeSarah Chalke Wealth

Your home should be your home. People shouldn't be allowed to use whatever crazy lenses they use to catch you waking up in the morning.

Sarah ChalkeSarah Chalke Wealth

I think that as is true in this industry, everything gets blown out of proportion because it's more fun for people to read about. It's even more fun to read about if the stories get wilder and wilder.

Sarah ChalkeSarah Chalke Wealth

I'm having the time of my life. I've never looked forward to going to work so much every day. I'm loving it; it's great. It's what I love to do and I wouldn't want to be doing anything else.

Sarah ChalkeSarah Chalke Wealth

What doctor does not need platform heels and dark black eyeliner to treat their patients?

Sarah ChalkeSarah Chalke Wealth