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What is Shaunie O’Neal’s Net Worth?

Gained fame after marrying NBA center Shaquille O’Neal, and became the executive producer of Basketball Wives. She and Shaq divorced in 2010.

She was raised in Los Angeles. She had a son named Myles prior to her relationship with Shaq.

She got married to Shaq at the Beverly Hills Hotel on December 26, 2002.

Shaunie O'Neal Net Worth
Shaunie O'Neal is looking supreme as ever, and her net worth isn't too bad either.

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Shaunie O'Neal Info
Net Worth$40 Million
Date of BirthNovember 27, 1974 (age 48 years)
Height5 Feet 6 Inches (1.7 m)
ProfessionTV Producer


Shaunie rose to fame after starting to date NBA center Shaquille O’Neal. She worked as a film marketer for FOX Entertainment. Shaunie has appeared in many TV shows like Basketball Wives, a show that shows the lives of wives and girlfriends of basketball stars and players and highlights the glamorous life. Her TV show called ‘Basketball Wives’ also sheds light on important issues such as single motherhood, parenting styles, self-esteem, and the influence of parenting on the children.

Personal Life

She had four children with Shaq: Shareef Rashaun, Amirah Sanaa, Shaqir Rashaun, and Me’arah Sanaa.

Her ex-husband starred alongside Kobe Bryant during his time on the Los Angeles Lakers.

Favorite Quotes from Shaunie O'Neal

Why does Shaunie O'Neal have a net worth of $40 Million? Perhaps these quotes can explain why:

I don't believe in, 'she's a woman, she's a wife, be quiet and sit at home.'

Shaunie O'NealHow Rich is Shaunie O'Neal

I can't control what everyone else does, I can't control anybody else's behavior, but I can control mine.

Shaunie O'NealHow Rich is Shaunie O'Neal

It was important for me to have other outlets outside of 'Basketball Wives' to represent myself and who I really am and what I really would like to put out there.

Shaunie O'NealHow Rich is Shaunie O'Neal

I never wanted to lose who I am, my character or my integrity for the sake of Hollywood.

Shaunie O'NealHow Rich is Shaunie O'Neal

For all reality TV, and all the viewers of reality TV, just be entertained. Don't invest your feelings, your heart, your soul into reality TV. It is entertainment. And that's all that it should be.

Shaunie O'NealHow Rich is Shaunie O'Neal