What is Tatiana Maslany’s Net Worth?

Tatiana was born September 22, 1985 in Regina, Canada. After finishing Dr. Martin LeBoldus High School, Maslany focused on her acting career. Her countless movies include The Robber Bride, An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving, Defendor, and The Vow. But she’s mostly known for her appearance on TV series Orphan Black. Since 2011, Tatiana is dating actor Tom Cullen. Will this long-term boyfriend marry her? We’ll see.

How Rich is Tatiana Maslany
The actor impresses with a net worth of 3000000 dollars. Congratulations for this achievement!

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Tatiana Maslany Info
Net Worth$3 Million
Date of BirthSeptember 22, 1985 (age 37 years)
Height5 Feet 4 Inches (1.63 m)


Her acting career began in 2002 when she appeared in television series 2030 CE. Later, she appeared in Ginger Snaps Unleashed two films in 2004 playing the ghost character. For ten years, she performed comedic improvisation. In 2007, she made an appearance in the horror movie The Messengers and later in the TV series Heartland. She appeared in several movies and series until 2013 when she starred in TV series Orphan Black.

Personal Life

Tatiana Maslany is one actress known to keep her private life away from the public eye. This has made it difficult to known much of her private life. Apart from that, she is known to have had a relationship with Welsh ACTOR Tom Cullen from 2011. The two later split in 2019 with no reason given for their split up though her careers were thought to be the reason. Since their split, Tatiana has remained to stay single, focusing on her acting career for now.

Favorite Quotes from Tatiana Maslany

Why does Tatiana Maslany have a net worth of $3 Million? Perhaps these quotes can explain why:

That's my favorite kind of television, where it's not wrapped up in a pretty little bow. It's like life. You deal with one thing in your life, 500 others rear their head.

Tatiana MaslanyTatiana Maslany Wealth

I loved filming in Morocco; it was amazing. I'd never been anywhere like that. The culture was phenomenal. I was so blown away by the spirit of that country.

Tatiana MaslanyTatiana Maslany Wealth

I find comedy to be really scary, because it can go so wrong so easily, and the margin for error is so huge - and I guess that's what makes it funny, that tension.

Tatiana MaslanyTatiana Maslany Wealth

There's something about music that makes me feel like a different person, that feels like an escape.

Tatiana MaslanyTatiana Maslany Wealth

I was in a Nativity play as a kid. Back then, I played the donkey.

Tatiana MaslanyTatiana Maslany Wealth