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Vinessa Shaw Net Worth: Vinessa Shaw is an American actress and model who has a net worth of $500 thousand. Vinessa Shaw was born in Los Angeles, California in July 1976. She appeared at 10 years old in a UCLA acting camp short and toured with children’s singer Peter Alsop at 11 years old.

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Vinessa Shaw Info
Net Worth$500 Thousand
Date of BirthJuly 19, 1976 (age 47 years)
Height5 ft 7 in (1.72 m)
ProfessionActor, Model

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Anywhere in the world, any day of the week, in 192 countries and territories worldwide, one can find an SGI Buddhist meeting where dialogue is at the fore.

Vinessa ShawVinessa Shaw Net Worth

When you practice Buddhism, you have to always self-reflect, and you can't avoid your problems. That makes me understand human beings better. I feel that the more I do that in my own life, the more I can see how to play a character.

Vinessa ShawVinessa Shaw Net Worth

My grandmother is still a woman who worries about what she looks like when she goes outside. She's from that era, and I can remember saying to her, 'Grandmother, we're just going to the grocery store.' And she'd be like, 'I've got to fix my face!' You were very aware of how you were presenting yourself to society in 1960s Las Vegas.

Vinessa ShawVinessa Shaw Net Worth

I was going to school thinking I was going to do something entirely different, thought acting was just a hobby at that point, met Stanley Kubrick and was like, 'Whoa, this can be an art form, and you can really move people the way you do simply by acting.'

Vinessa ShawVinessa Shaw Net Worth

When I realized that nothing is perfect and no one is perfect, I was able to overcome my initial fears. I was holding myself to some weird standard that I was putting outside of myself, i.e., the director or casting director - they're not expecting perfection. I had all these strange trappings I would put myself in.

Vinessa ShawVinessa Shaw Net Worth